Marta Paley

Berlin based female Cigar Box juggler and Comedy Burlesque artist

Female Cigar Box juggler
Comedy Burlesque artist

Marta started her professional career as a circus artist in 2012 and since then she has been working internationally as a variety juggler. Marta had leading parts in Varieté and Theater shows and now she is one of the most original circus artists in Berlin.

In her act Marta skillfully combines elements that have never before been seen together, such as cigar box juggling with ballet choreography, balloon + ball bounce juggling, all within a unique comedic character.

With her impressive tricks and the incredible atmosphere she creates, Marta will take you on a remarkable journey during her performance.

Comedy Burlesque Act - A hilarious tale of self-love featuring a determined girl who never stops upgrading herself.

In this act, you'll witness humorous physical gags presented in the classic burlesque style. The climax of the act concludes on an epic note with three boobs soaring through the air.

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Do you have a company, product, or event, and you're seeking an incredible act to represent you on stage or video commercial?

Cigar boxes offer an exceptionally unconventional and captivating platform for your advertisements, coupled with an outstanding performance at your event.

Unbelievable but true!
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Marta Paley
Berlin, Germany
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